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Mr. Mitchell S. Easter, Room A219

Rocky River High School

10505 Clear Creek Commerce Drive

Mint Hill, NC 28227

980.344.0409 Phone

980.344.2135 Fax

Rocky River's Website:


Mr. Easter's E-Mail: mitchell.easter@cms.k12.nc.us

Twitter: @MrMEaster

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Number to Text for Mr. Easter's classes: 81010 or 919.800.0948

1st period: text @mreafm
2nd period: text @mreafm
3rd period: text @mreprecalc
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Sign up: text @PrecalculusEaster or @AFMEaster to 23559
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Online AFM & HNPC Resources for the GREEN Demana textbook:

LINK: www.phschool.com
In the web codes box, enter aze-0640
NOTE: This provides you with the 8th edition, but it's basically the same book we use)

ADDITIONAL online work will soon be obtainable at the LINK:

Online AFM & HNPC BEIGE Textbook (good for supplemental help):

Directions to obtain access to the free online textbook:

LINK: http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do
Student Redemption Code: 81ZF-49XR-VO2Q

Link to the Online Alg1, Geom, Alg2 Textbook Materials -

These are good for remediation or if you need to review a concept:

Directions to enroll in Mr.E's Pearson "class" so you can have access to the online books:

LINK: http://pearsonsuccessnet.com
Class access code: DF6CB05A53A0F3B9AC12

Access an online TI-84 Calculator from home...

1. If you have an ANDROID phone or tablet, you can search for a free app called "WABBITEMU" to install from the App Store. This gives you an exact emulator of a TI-84.
2. If you have an iPhone or iPad, the WabbitEmu app is unfortunately not available. However, there is a very close emulator called "GraphNCalc83" in the App Store. It is NOT free; however, the $6.99 price is MUCH cheaper than buying a new graphing calculator. (Side Note: turning the pre-installed Apple "Calculator" app to landscape gives you a wide range of scientific calculator buttons beyond the basic calculations, but no graphing capability.)
3. If you have a WINDOWS operating system desktop, you can use this file to download a desktop version of a TI-84. You MUST have cookies and JavaScript enabled in order for this to work.

NOTE: The ROM should also work on MAC OS desktops as well, but the directions and screenshots in the instructions show Windows configurations.
4. OR... here's a different video tutorial for ANOTHER way to install an online TI-84 on your desktop. There are links in the description under the video - click "Show More" to see them:

Syllabi and Daily Calendars:

Honors Precalculus:

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Advanced Functions and Modeling:

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