AFM Fall 2015 Released Problems and Work:

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Unit 7, Part 2 (Trigonometry) Study Guide and Solutions:

Law of Sines Practice and Application Problems - Selected Answers:

Unit 5 Part 2 Retake Practice, and Answers/Solutions:

Unit 5 Study Guide Answers and Solutions:

Spring 2016 Midterm Study Guide Solutions:

Unit 4 (Part 2) Study Guide Objectives and Solutions:

Unit 4: Study Guide (Reverse Stations) and Solutions:

Unit 3: Regression Models Study Guide Solutions:

Unit 3: Regression, Days 1 and 2 - Solutions:

Unit 2: Cell Phone Piecewise Function Application Problem Solutions:

Unit 2: Graphing Piecewise Functions Solutions:

Unit 2: Evaluating Piecewise Functions Solutions:

Unit 1 - Functions: Study Guide, Answers and Solutions:

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Section 1-2 NowWork solutions and answers: