A complete set of Released Problems and Answers:

Solutions, worked out:

Test 8: Miscellaneous Topics - Polar Coordinates, Calculus Limits, Parametric Equations -

Study Guide Answers:

Notice: #19 in the answers should say y = 3 - 7t (not y=3 + 7t)

Test 7: Sequences and Series - Study Guide Answers:

HNPC Test #6 - Advanced Trigonometry Study Guide Answers and Solutions:

HNPC Test #5 - Trigonometry Part 1 Study Guide Answers and Solutions:

Notice: #11 - I just found a SIDE of the square instead of the AREA. Once you find a SIDE, do Area = lw to find AREA.

Advanced SOHCAHTOA Application Problems - work and answers:

HNPC Test #4 - Logistic, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions... Answers and Solutions:

Note that #5 is incorrect on the printout below. It says that "P is the population in thousands" so you are looking for "21" in the table (not "21000") - This makes the answer about 3.71 years (or "between 3 and 4 years").

Asymptote Differences:

HNPC Test #3 - Conic Sections... Answers and Solutions:

(DON'T FORGET that for Objective 4 (IDENTIFYING CONIC SECTIONS), you will ONLY be asked the TYPE of conic (parabola, ellipse or hyperbola) and to justify HOW YOU KNOW which type it is. You will not be asked the vertex/standard form work shown in Objective 4 in the answers):

HNPC Test #2 - Functions, Part 2... Answers and Solutions:

HNPC Test #1 - Functions, Part 1... Answers and Solutions: