Make-Up Work: This only applies to work missed due to an absence.

You have 5 days to make up and turn in missed work, per the CMS Handbook. If you don’t make it up, the grade will stay as a ZERO!! This is the #1 reason why students fail after poor test grades. Don’t let it happen to you!! It is YOUR responsibility to get your missed work - assignments are logged daily for your class on the back of the door. See Mr. Easter if you have questions.

When absent, check with a study buddy or e-mail Mr. Easter to not fall behind before you return. Use your book to review lessons or go online to textbook website for help.

If you miss ONLY a review day, you will be required to take the test with the rest of the class.

Late classwork or homework, when you are present in class will have the actual earned grade reduced by 10% per late day for up to five days. After five days, the grade will be entered as a zero. You must be a responsible HIGH SCHOOL student: "I left my binder at home" or "It's in my car" are not acceptable excuses. Please don't ask months later to "make up" assignments that you simply failed to turn in on the due date. Plan ahead! Be responsible!